Hiya and welcome to Fun Living In Devon !
Looking for our radio station,  DevonCommunityRadio21 ?
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We’re a web channel of DevonCommunity.org – a Social Enterprise hosted by the Vitalinput.com team and a NFP (not-for-profit) organisation.
FunLivingInDevon is one of many feeder channels which connect to the DevonCommunity.org Portal (which opens later this year).
At the moment, our activities are geared towards supporting our push-back streaming radio station, but in the longer term we hope to get back to supporting the thousands of Charities in this beautiful region, providing unique playground teaching for schoolkids, promoting business in unique ways and generally helping people fulfil their aspirations.
Our motto is: It’s Fun Living in Devon and we promote this via our exciting online mash-up Media, Community Web Presence  and roaming Radio Station, DevonCommunityRadio21 – with a mobile studio which regularly visits local markets.
*Find out more about us at our who we are page

want to participate?

As an Individual, you can start your own blog in this Portal, and become a voice in our Community!
If you’re a Business we can help you promote your activities by ‘sponsorship’.
And if you’re an Educator or School? There’s unique learning delivery content available so please mail us!
Most importantly, if you’re a Charity, we can give you free support – just get in touch to find out more!
*Check out more on participation at our about joining page

project status and news

Our Portal opens later in the year
*Don’t forget to check out our news page

Who we are!

We’re based in bustling Newton Abbot, South Devon.
Our operation is 90% solar powered!

At the moment all staff are voluntary: we have Steve (Project Manager, Education and DJ Wild), Jason (Sponsorship Manager and DJ Rev), and Sheila (writer and DJ Sunnyside). Helen and Jonas provide creative input via Vitalinput.com.
We must take this opportunity to thank all our sponsors and early adopters without whom this launching stage would have been so much more difficult!
Thanks also to the folk who have already come forward with Blog ideas… including such diverse subjects as Photography, Equestrian and Mental Health, Age and Community Care.

In the next few months, we’ll be seeing a lot more volunteers coming from schools to manage, run and DJ on the Radio Station.
Finally, once things really ‘get rolling’, we reckon we’ll be needing three full-timers, so keep your eye on this site!

*by the way, our Radio station is testing transmissions at the moment,  in pre-launch mode, so tune in!

About Joining In?

Fun Living In Devon and DevonCommunity.org are here to support everyone, young or old, we’ll help you have a voice and get creative! We’ve now teamed up with CaringDevon.com too – CaringDevon is a brand new service offering activities for both the young and old in our Community.
You can feature on the DevonCommunity Portal and on the Radio for free if you’re an individual or a Charity in Devon. Business and Enterprises can also  feature by becoming a sponsor and you can see more on this here >>>

You might be an artist keen to display your sketches, or you might be a writer or a musician wanting to broadcast your work locally. By contrast, you might be an individual with a passion for something in particular such as horses or photography and wish to start a blog. – we can help you do it!

We’d really like to emphasise how everyone can join in -we’ve noticed that initially, some are a little worried by the prospect of participating .
For instance, we have some writers -three of whom are of a certain age- they are really creative and enjoyable to read, yet , to begin with, they were worried because their stories would not be in a newspaper but on a screen -now they’re really rising to the challenge- so, more power to your elbows!

Whether you’re an individual, a group , club or a business, your participation helps you network, reaching out to new people, friends and possibilities. Don’t forget that your participation will help charities too!


Be a Sponsor?

Businesses and Individuals can sponsor DevonCommunity and access an amazingly cost-effective route to promoting yourselves.

In essence, for just £1 per day, you get radioplay, webpresence, podcasts, video, voiceovers and support charities at the same time!

Apart from saving yourself money and hassle promoting your own project, as a Sponsor you are instrumental in helping us raise funds for Charities. In the current economic climate, charitable support is vital.

We’d love you on board -You are our Lifeblood!…

Individual Sponsor
You may simply just wish to donate and help altruistically? Whilst we’d really love your active involvement, understood if you’re short of time…
Please read this brief description of DevonCommunity here >>> or you’re welcome to contact us for more info.
To donate, you can do so by simply clicking the image below.
(Paypal account not required)
Thank you!

Be a sponsor and help DevonCommunity


Business Sponsor

You may be a business or a new project ? Giving a sponsorship to Devon Community helps raise your public profile significantly at low cost.
For just £1 per day, you get radioplay, webpresence, podcasts, video, voiceovers and support charities at the same time!

Don’t forget, you’re helping Charities too! Your year’s subscription automatically donates £36 to our Charity Pot.

You get:

  1. Free webpage and Webname, linked to an easy-to-understand directory.
  2. Devon Directory – entry in the database in our Portal (not yet open)
  3. Sponsorships of your business on selected features pages across all our DevonCommunity network plus daily online radio broadcast.
  4. Recorded sponsors interviews and shoutouts interspersed with music and talk radio.
  5. We work closely with Vitalinput to offer experienced male and female professional voiceovers as well as customised music and stings to help your business sound really great online and on the radio.
  6. Listen in to the radio right now, here

Be a sponsor and help DevonCommunity

Basic sponsorship as a business is fixed at just £1 per day with 10% going direct to a local Charities funding pot. You can ‘spend more if you want’ lol! Options include, a more interactive web presence, more radio exposure, more video features.
This is a fantastic way to help regional Charitable groups but they will benefit from much more than just the funds! See here >>>
*Note that participating Charities get totally free profile promotion in the DevonCommunity Portal.

*We’re really grateful to our early business sponsors : Decoy Motors, AVA Images, Debonair Hair Studios, Devon Engineering Ltd, Rosie Hitchins, Emmerson-Ross, with more to follow…
We know you’re going to love your promotional features in the Portal!


The quickest way to contact us is via text message in the contact form at the foot of our radio page @ devoncommunityradio.com

Alternatively, you can email info@DevonCommunity.org or leave an answerphone message on our answerphone: 07926 031709