Who we are!

We’re based in bustling Newton Abbot, South Devon.

At the moment all staff are voluntary: we have Steve (Project Manager, Education and DJ Wild), Jason (Sponsorship Manager and DJ Rev), Kevin (Care Manager, Development and generally helpful person), Rosalie (Music and Education advisor ) Huck (Sound, Technical and DJ) and Sheila (writer and DJ Sunnyside).
We must take this opportunity to thank all our sponsors and early adopters without whom this launching stage would have been so much more difficult!
Thanks also to the folk who have already come forward with Blog ideas… including such diverse subjects as Photography, Equestrian and Mental Health, Age and Community Care.

In the next few months, we’ll be seeing a lot more volunteers coming from schools to manage, run and DJ on our Radio Station  *currentlly off-air.
Finally, once things really ‘get rolling’, we reckon we’ll be needing three full-timers, so keep your eye on this site!

*by the way, our Radio Station *currentlly off-air is on 7 days a week, now in pre-launch mode, so tune in!