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This article considers why the model for fundraising is changing…

Creating The ‘Community Around Your Cause’

Steve updated this article on August 24 2017

the historical context

Of course, Charities are a familiar concept – in fact, the word traces way back to the 1200s. Whilst the principal behind a Charity has remained the same over this time, that is:
‘the voluntary giving of help in the form of human endeavour or provision of money’,

changing lives

Many of the ways in which Charities operate have changed in recent years reflecting our evolving lifestyles. The promotional sphere is particularly challenging…

Firstly, there is the Time aspect: people are busy rushing around nowadays and trying to promote your charity by the ‘interruptive method’, such as, thrusting a leaflet into someone’s hand or stopping them on the street may now be less than welcome.
Secondly, there is the Choice aspect: the advent of the Web and Social Media, means people have become used to accessing information on demand as opposed to prescriptively and thus, uninvited information may be seen as intrusive.

new strategies

So where does this leave you?
Nowadays, your best approach to promulgating news of your Charity is to create a community around your cause.
There are fundamentally two ways to create your Community:
On the one hand driven by traditional real-world Social events – such as a sponsored ‘fun-run’ and hopefully you’re already pretty adept at this – on the other, virtual-world events via the Web and Social Media.
Web interaction has the advantage of reaching a much wider audience and being ‘open 24/7’. Best of all with the Web, if you get your message right, it can go viral – your news can spread by ‘virtual word of mouth’.

1. Reaching the public is more than ever dependent on quality activities and quality ‘Content building’  your Community reputation.
2. DevonCommunity can help you nurture this, developing and growing your following..
3. The donor-charity engagement paradigm has shifted to become donor-led, with old-style ‘marketing’ becoming out-dated.
4. Nowadays, you need to earn the attention of your donors.

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