Beautifully Biased Conversations, for the perfect storm!
Our station is  DevonCommunityRadio21

The World is becoming Multi-Media and a major contributor has to be Radio. These stations are found everywhere in their hundreds of thousands,  however,  not so many like ours!
Our output is biased – and for the good –
In our opinion, the National UK Broadcaster, the BBC, once considered a largely impartial and balanced reporter, sadly now pretends to be unbiased and impartial but peddles a quite polarised narrative…. So bad has it become indeed, that we hear regularly from folk who say they no longer listen to its output.
We at DevonCommunityRadio are proud to be biased – we’re actually beautifully biased in fact, and here’s why:  We are pleased to speak out with the Truth,  to demonstrate Compassion,  Love and Common Sense in a World where the prevailing narrative seems to be obsessed with fear-mongering and the Corona virus.  Most of all, we are promoting free speech in a climate where the Media is becoming gagged…. please join us.

Vitalinput, FunLivingInDevon and DevonCommunity support the Radio Station. This article tells you a little more about Radio and its evolution into our own broadcasts…

Insight into Radio and Streaming Radio  

Traditional radio

Amazingly, the first Public Radio Broadcast ever was back in 1910 !!! The achievement  was known as a ‘free-to-air’ transmission (broadcast from an aerial then picked up at distance on a ‘wire-less’ receiver) and built on the UK invention of Radio by Marconi in 1901 .
Marconi demonstrated that if magnetic fluctuations were induced into the air, they could then be retrieved by a receiver remotely and without interconnecting wires.
Most broadcasts up until our current century have used the Marconi free-to-air principle, including modern-day FM broadcasts which continue the tradition with a sound quality which is pretty acceptable. Unfortunately, this radio technology has more or less reached its limit.

Online ‘streaming’ radio

The advent of the Internet and advancing Technology is changing the free-to-air dominance. Not only can the Web provide us with ‘Streaming Radio’, but it can do it a price-point which is rapidly diminishing through economy of scale. Streaming simply means the music data is arriving in real-time to your device as opposed to being stored in memory (such as a music mp3 file).
The Net is becoming so ubiquitous in reach and speed, that streaming data is no longer a challenge. In fact, with the development of super-fast broadband, Internet radio listening is up 37% year-on-year in the UK (RAJAR Q2/2012)  and the trend only shows signs of accelerating.

Streaming Radio has numerous technical advantages too compared with ‘free-to-air’:
1.  the bandwidth is user selectable
2.  information can be bi-directional….
Put simply, you can choose the sound quality you want and you can reach out to the radio station with your favourite request.

Mobile streaming

The arrival of Mobile phones on the scene has exacerbated the uptake of Streaming Radio, because data speeds are now fast enough to cope.
With our DevonCommunityRadio21 for instance, you don’t have to do anything except go to the webpage and… click play! It’s that easy to tune in!
Other stations may oblige you to download an app from sources such as the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store, but lets face it if you wanted to tune into the BBC for instance, you just tune the dial on your FM radio or just click a button – downloading Apps is a faff!

DevonCommunityRadio21  is as simple as possible to access and don’t forget that when you listen in, you’ll be helping Charities all over Devon get their message out! (this is our goal, as yet not achieved)

station development

Stage one: daily 12hrs per day music broadcasts…. completing test content, now adding more discussion pages and more talk/music content
Stage two: 
music + talk radio program progression…. en route
Stage three: 
Possibly additional night-time drive radio programming … planned development – want to help? Contact us! >>>

*Please note that we’re in pre-launch at the moment and not all radio features function yet.

more information soon!