news update 20 Jan 2021 :
FunLivingInDevon and DevonCommunity

The disruption caused by corona has held us up considerably but  back on the case with Jonas and Helen. We now have a small production studio and working on new material for DevonCommunityRadio21 with the motto Beautifully Biased Conversations !  Read more here >>>
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news update 21 May 2020 :
FunLivingInDevon and DevonCommunity

We’ve now recommenced activities with operations managed jointly by the partners of , that’s Jonas and Helen. Our base is near Newton Abbot, just a few kilometres from Dartmoor and we run mostly off-grid on solar power.
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news update 12 August 2018 :
FunLivingInDevon and DevonCommunity move headquarters

We’ve now moved into shared office space in Newton Abbot with expanding – now we’re just a few kilometres from Dartmoor.
Apologies for any disruption!
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news update 02 April 2018 : opens doors

Helping the Elderly, Loving Yourself and Love the Planet are all themes at the new Caring Devon site.
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follow progress at our Caring webpage

news update 05 March 2018 :
Meditation, Yoga, Intuitive Dance

Exciting developments in these areas thanks to Julia and Vierka – keep checking back for more…

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Also, if you’re involved with a Charity, we’ll gladly give you free promotion – that’s what is all about!

 more news on this soon, follow progress at our Caring page

news update 12 December 2017 :
Caring Devon taking shape

Thanks to Kevin and DJ Sunnyside, our section on Care is developing apace.
We’ll be covering diverse aspects of Care such as: care of the Environment, Childcare, Mental Health, Education, care of the Elderly etc.
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Don’t forget, if you’re involved with a Charity working in this sector, we’ll gladly give you free promotion – that’s what is all about!

 more news on this soon

news update 04 December 2017 :

New Business Sponsors

Thank you to the (several) new Business Sponsors …
People Power – together we’re making this happen!

 you’ll be able to see their features soon

news update 13 September 2017 : has a new DJ !

We’re so excited to announce our new DJ who is going to specialise in shows for the elderly – or wiser humans as we like to think!
Her name is DJ SUNNYSIDE aka Sheila and she’s bright as a button despite being well into her 80s.
We think you’ll find her absolutely inspiring and we’re just editing her first radio show as I write!
*Edit should be complete later today 🙂

 more updates on DJ SUNNYSIDE very soon

news update 05 September 2017 :

‘Cup of Tea’ added to DevonCommunityRadio playlist

This ‘Cup Of Tea’ features Devon Engineering in Newton Abbot.
It’s a business sponsor special representing the next step forward in our DevonCommunity pre-launch.
The feature is now on our Online Radio Station playlist and plays once every six hours.
Thank you to Andy Hayman and Devon Engineering for sponsoring our cause.

Take a listen!

 More mash-up Media innovation coming soon!

news update 01 September 2017 :
DevonCommunity Portal moves towards a launch date!

We’re pleased to announce our predicted Launch as mid Spring 2018. This is subject to adjustment so that all Portal features are available from the outset. We’re so excited!… this has been over 18 months of hard work in preparations!

 more updates coming asap

news update 16 August 2017 :
‘Caring Devon’ launched

This forthcoming major section of the Portal blog will cover all aspects of Care in the Community, but we’ll be presenting it in a refreshing new way.

 intrigued? we’ll tell you more soon!

news update 15 August 2017 :
‘Moments’ feature developed for our Talk Radio Station

We’ve realised that the ‘Cup of Tea’ features (see news item for July 1st to find out more!) are becoming immensely popular, so we’ve come up with a new feature with a similar presentation style for our forthcoming chats with the elderly around Devon.
‘Moments’ reminisces on their lives and turns it into quite compelling radio listening…. *the station is still in beta – although music is playing daily now, but expect full ‘talk’ broadcasting by the end of September – listen in @  from 8am to 9pm daily.

more info very soon

news update 26 July 2017 :
Education Insight – Creating Learning that Kids Care About

Education and Learning at DevonCommunity

This article tells you how DevonCommunity is going to offer playground-delivered curriculum-linked teaching.

 more info >>>

news update 19 July 2017 : Insight into Streaming Radio

Online Radio is the future.

Find out about the evolution of radio through the years and how  dovetails perfectly with our cause.

more info >>>

news update 17 July 2017 : Insight into Charity promotion

Why you need to create a Community around your Cause.

See how DevonCommunity (a free service) can help you….

read more >>> 

news update 10 July 2017 : Charity support details

How many Charities do you think there are in Devon?
See information on all the benefits Charities will gain by becoming participants at DevonCommunity (a free service).

here >>> 

news update 04 July 2017 : Grumble in the Jungle

Things are ‘hotting up’ because is announcing another new feature -that’s two new features in two days!

Yes! It’s called Grumble in the Jungle and is being launched by some of our ‘mature’ participants  ))
more info very soon

news update 03 July 2017 : Visualeyze announces a new feature which is unique to our platform…
Visualeyze is a Mash-up Media concept which enables sponsors to be in our Portal and on the Radio simultaneously.

We expect Visualeyze will particularly appeal to Estate Agents, but may undoubtedly suit many businesses – first sponsor wins special offer
more info in a forthcoming press release

news update 02 July 2017 : Cups of Tea in the Edit Room!

More CUPS OF TEA coming soon from The Supernatural, Debonair Hairdressers and Inventor Keith who will talk about helping the Red Arrows! – check back soon!

news update 01 July 2017 : 1st Newton Abbot Sea Scouts Cup of Tea

We’ve started to add CUP OF TEA features!…. What are they? Well click this image below for the 1st Newton Abbot Sea Scouts interview and listen in to find out!…   more to come 😉